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Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with valve assembly 2019

Bayard Control is steadfast in our pledge to deliver the best and safest automation 

technology, to ensure proper liquid nitrogen dosing is achieved before point of sale.

Dynaminc freezing the base, is one of the most important operations in making ice cream. 

For upon it depends the quality, palatability, and yield of the finished product.  It takes the 

"human decision making" out of the freezing process, for a consistent, gourmet ice cream 

every time. 

Single Serving Ice Cream Video

2019 Video

Small Batch Ice Cream Video

2019 Video

About Us


21st Century Engineered Technology

Since 1993, Bayard Control has specialized in the design and manufacturing of proprietary computer software for process control automation, utilizing highly sophisticated algorithms. 

 Bayard Industrial Nitro Mixer Control is now in California, Florida, Texas and Canada. 



Bayard Nitro Mixer Control regulates dynamic freezing process of ice cream base. 


Bayard's goal is to produce consistently gourmet tasting ice cream.

Single serving or small batch.


One Button- One Gourmet Ice Cream

 Increase your profit by controlling your process using the latest industrial process control technology.

 Bayard Industrial Nitro Mixer Control gives you that competitive edge. It can produce an order in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish!  It has ability to create consistent recipes. 

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Thank you for your interest in our control.  Currently, we do not sell internationally.

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