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Message from the President of Bayard Inc.

9/1/2018  Bayard Machine Control is steadfast in our pledge to deliver the best and safest automation technology to ensure proper liquid nitrogen dosing is achieved before point of sale.

Do you have plans for Franchising or have an existing liquid nitrogen ice cream shop?  If so, this is a must read!

Introducing the Bayard Machine Controller. It will take your business into the 21st Century with  advanced technology automation. 

It takes the "human decision making out of the dynamic freezing process, for a consistent gourmet ice cream product every time. Check it out!!


Rick  Bayard

Bayard Dosing Mixing Controller 816D Video

Bayard Dosing Mixing Controller 816P Video

Development Test Video

2019 Added LED to system

About Us


21st Century Engineered Technology

Since 1993, Bayard Machine Control has specialized in the design and manufacturing of proprietary computer software for process control automation, utilizing highly sophisticated algorithms. 


3rd Generation Controller

Introducing Bayard's Custom Computerized Controller 3rd Generation 2016.

Bayard Controllers offer Plug and Play connections to ensure a quick and seamless transition to mixers and valves.

Bayard offers technical phone support to get you up and running fast.


Chef Quality - Creamiest Smoothest

Bayard's custom controller regulates dynamic freezing process of ice cream base. 


Bayard's goal is to produce consistently ultimate tasting ice cream.

Single serving or small batch.

Nitrogen ice cream machine  small batch

New Products Working with Controller

Valve assembly, with liquid nitrogen manual emergency shut-off  valve. 

Mixer Globe SP5

LED  see video above.

One Button- One Gourmet Ice Cream

 Increase your profit by controlling your process. Using the latest industrial process control technology, Bayard's controller gives you that competitive edge. Bayard's Controller can produce an order in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish!  This ability to create consistent recipes that produce your developed texture and flavor every time will not only help your store to keep customers returning, but also reduce customer wait time because it automates the liquid nitrogen process. 

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Supports 6 different mixer models.

Works with flexible beater blade or flat beater blades.

Single serving or small batch. 

Bayard's computerized controller technology is now in 

California, Florida, Texas and Canada.


Why is this the best nitrogen ice cream machine?

Nitrogen ice cream shops are serving 120 people an hour.   

Quality Control for the perfect ice cream. It will give you that perfect firm, yet creamy consistency every time.

What is the cost of one station?

Budget estimate for Dosing valve assembly, Mixer, Controller $10,000 - $20,000. 

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Our controller is designed for 120vac 60hz.   North American Voltage Only

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